Sir Michael Bromley 

Sir Michael Bromley brings to the Board years of executive management and aviation experience. He was Managing Director of Collins and Leahy Holdings Limited from 1983 until 1998 when it was acquired by Steamships Ltd. Sir Michael was the Chairman of Hevi Lift during the 1990s until it was sold. He was also a Board Member for PNG’s national airline, Air Niugini for 15 years in which nine of these were as Chairman.

Mick McDonald 

Mick McDonald is one of the founding shareholders of Hevi Lift and was Chairman and Managing Director from 1983 for 7 years and continued as a Board Member until the company was sold. Mr McDonald brings many years of operational experience in both fixed wing and rotary operations in PNG and internationally. 

Mick and Sir Michael were both instrumental in introducing the Russian fleet to the PNG market.

Louise Bromley

Louise Bromley holds a degree in Business and Law. She sits on several boards including Aviation operational, leasing and finance companies in Asia. In PNG, Louise is a Divisional Director for the Steamships Group, which includes Transport and Shipping.

Ross McLellan

Ross McLellan holds a degree in Engineering (Mining) from the University of Queensland. He has held executive management roles in the resource sector in Australia along with extensive experience in Developing Countries including PNG.

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